Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy | David A. Himes & Associates PLLC - Spring, TX

The economy has been tough on many people lately and at David A. Himes and Associates PLLC, we understand how hard it has been. That is why we offer excellent Chapter 7 bankruptcy services to Spring, TX and the surrounding area. When you find yourself forced to make difficult financial decisions, let us walk you through all of the legal steps quickly and efficiently. We do this every day and know when deadlines have to be met, what paperwork has to be filed, and where to file it.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a court proceeding that allows you to liquidate assets and pay off creditors in accordance with the priorities established by Federal Bankruptcy Code. Usually there are not any non-exempt assets to liquidate. If that applies in your case, much of your unsecured debt, like medical bills and credit cards, would be dismissed by the court.

Some of the things required by Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceedings include:

• Initial Filing—The process is begun when we help you file an official petition, statement of financial affairs, and other documents that list your assets, debt, and recent financial history, with your county clerk.

• Automatic Stay—The bankruptcy court issues an automatic stay that bars further collection actions from your creditors.

• First Meeting of Creditors—The trustee and creditors will meet with you and verify your assets and debs under oath.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a complicated legal process that is not adequately explained in a few words. Arrange for a consultation with David A. Himes and Associates PLLC in Spring, TX, and we will go over your circumstances in detail.