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About Us | David A. Himes & Associates PLLC - Spring, TX

The law firm of David A. Himes & Associates, PLLC is located in Conroe, Texas and is available to help individuals who are experiencing significant financial difficulties. Whether you're contemplating filing for bankruptcy, facing foreclosure, or thinking of forming a new business, trying to face these issues on your own can increase the stress of a situation that is already hectic. It is the time to seek assistance from an attorney so you can start over with a clean slate.

If you have had a bad experience with your financial counselor, investment advisor, broker or any individual or firm using a similar title, Mr. Himes can help you determine if it would be in your interest to file a claim with the appropriate regulatory authority. Mr. Himes has considerable experience evaluating potential claims, drafting claims, negotiating settlements and representing clients in FINRA arbitrations.

If you believe you are at risk of bankruptcy, or are already being contacted by creditors, take the first step towards a solution. If you think something's amiss with your investment portfolio, it's critical to take action early as your rights could erode over time.

David A. Himes & Associates, PLLC is prepared to meet with you at a time convenient to you. There is no obligation and the initial consultations are free.

David A. Himes & Associates, PLLC is a reputable member of the Texas Bar Association Bankruptcy Law Section and the Houston Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys. Trust our credible network of bankruptcy specialists to heighten your chances of being approved in your attempt to redeem your financial mistakes from the past.